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VieChi Culinary Team

Sandy Tang

Sandy is the culinary artist behind our healthy dishes. A Master Chef UK finalist and renowned food concept developer, Sandy draws inspiration from her Asian heritage and brings her trademark flare to VieChi. She’s created a range of tempting meals that combine modern culinary techniques and distinctive regional ingredients from across Asian cultures. VieChi and Sandy share the same vision: to bring people from diverse backgrounds together through delectable food experiences.

vieChi Culinary Team

Georgine Leung

Georgine is a leading voice on diet and health in the food industry. An integral member of the VieChi Culinary Team, she works to develop the nutritional profile of our meals, ensuring that they are diverse, robust and delicious. Away from VieChi, Georgine writes and teaches on a wide range of food and nutrition topics and has been quoted by various print and digital media outlets. Georgine holds Master’s degrees in Public Health Nutrition and the Anthropology of Food, and is undertaking her PhD at University College London. She is a keen home cook and enjoys experimenting with different flavours.

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