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Cherry Table

Cherry Table is our platform for creating lasting change. We continuously contribute a portion of our profits to help communities around the world address their basic human needs: food, water and shelter. Acting with care and compassion are important values at the heart of the Cherry Table giving program.

One way we’re making an impact is by collaborating with like-minded organizations, such as North York Harvest Food Bank. Their leadership team is partnering with us to create a program that offers healthy meals to local families in the Greater Toronto Area. We’ll continue to expand our program across the country as we work with other food banks and community giving initiatives to serve Canadians that need support.

Cherry Table Give Back Event



We want to help keep the world green. Our business practices are environmentally conscious and designed to minimize carbon footprint at every stage of the product lifecycle. It’s our way of acting responsibly and ensuring that future generations will continue to enjoy the planet.

Everyone deserves to have food on their table