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Premium Frozen Meals

Vitality in Harmony

VieChi brings people together to share in health, happiness and sustainable living. We believe that delicious, nutrient-rich meals can help us achieve wellness and fulfillment in life.

We want to empower others to experience new cultures through cuisine; to inspire positive change and nurture conversations between people from all walks of life.

Experience gourmet dining at home with our premium frozen meals.

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Nutrient-rich Meals Soy Cured Salmon With Wild Rice

Food Is Energy

Memorable meals nourish the spirit, inspire understanding and foster a sense of vitality through healthy ingredients and unforgettable flavours.
Nutrient-rich Meals Spiced Lamb with Quinoa

Food Is Connection

It brings us together in harmony, helps to meet some of our most basic needs and creates an opportunity to build new bonds.
Nutrient-rich Meals Black Pepper Beef with Brown Rice Noodles

Food Is Community

The world is welcome at our table. VieChi is built on the idea that delectable dishes, shared among friends, can foster hope, inclusion and kindness.

We serve modern, chef-crafted Asian dishes to food lovers who aspire to live and eat well.

Indulge in gourmet cuisine with our premium frozen meals.

nutrient-rich, Healthy, Premium Frozen Meals

Our Mission

Our healthy, Asian dishes are an irresistible option for those who lead busy lives, have little time to cook, yet have a passion for trying vibrant flavours from across cultures. Combining distinctive regional techniques and ingredients, we open a window to exciting culinary experiences.

We believe that positive energy, close connections and a focus on giving back can change the world. Our vision is to create products that elevate the health and well-being of our customers, employees, partners, community and planet.